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Otto K.

this is a fascinating series.


I like the second from the top, looks like an angry Christ (??) or Christ with attitude.


Awesomeness! ^_^ Must be painful though to get all the tattoos done!


un vrai traffic de chaines et chapelets.. le business des jails?et ils n ont guère de pendaisons, que des règlements d compte sommaire, n est ce pas?

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Interesting how faith is popularly depicted as tattoos.


c'est pratique toute cette religion portative

Chris Vallancourt

Sidney, great to have you back. These tattoos are intense.

dong ho

i like how you classified each tattoo types here.


i wonder why always a sad, suffering god for a tattoo. whatever happened to resurrection? :)


i wonder which gang they are from


Ashish Sidapara

Love the detail in the last one, beautiful shot!

Gérard Méry

ça ne doit pas être cher les tatouages dans ce pays, c'est du délire !


Sydney, I find myself thinking about that Harlequin tatto of God and the Devil. Quite artistic huh?


more than the pain they might have felt when they are being tattoed, i think it's the joy they found when they know that they have someone who will guide them tattoed to their body. i know its debatable (our body is our temple), but i guess that's immaterial when yo need to pass time.

luna miranda

the Christ with thorns and vacant eyes is scary.:D


I wonder what is the true meaning for these members. Show off your beliefs? Some kind of protection?

The last one is very detailed, amazing.


Le premier, très esthétique et le dernier, la vierge à l'enfant.


I have never seen so many Jesus tattoos at one time! Very elaborate.


That first one is really amazing, a true work of art.

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